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Why Should You Make R&D Tax Claims?

There are 3 great reasons you should be making R&D tax claims:

1) There is a lot of cash that the ATO will pay you
The benefit rate is up to 43.5% which is greater that most grant programs, especially as grants must be treated as assessable income for tax, while the money you get back from R&D tax breaks is 100% all yours. For most SMEs this means tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars due back every tax time. Are you sure you want to miss out on this?

2) No special reporting, no rules on spending the money
Unlike grants you do not have to send an audited report in to the funder every quarter explaining every $1 spent. This is a market driven program. You can spend the money you get on whatever you like, every year.

3) Plan an annual R&D tax cheque party
The R&D Tax Incentive is not a one-off program and there are no rules saying you can only claim once. Claim every year that you have eligible activities for as long as you like. Some companies get everything ready so they can claim as soon as 1 July ticks over. The sooner you get your claim in, the sooner you will get your money back.

Finally, the R&D Tax Incentive is a legislated federal program administered jointly by AusIndustry and the ATO. This means the government is required by law to pay your company all that it is entitled to under the program. It is an entitlement available to you, so why not use it?

Not sure how much you could get back? You will be surprised at how much can be claimed as R&D Expenditure. Our R&D Eligibility Wizard will let you know how much you could be looking at, and our Calculations Template will help you add it up.


What are R&D Tax Breaks?

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