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R&D Template Package for SMEs

Our R&D Template Package includes a full range of compliance templates to help you prepare and substantiate your R&D Tax Claim:

1. R&D Project Assessment Template

2. R&D Calculations Template

3. Experiment Record Template

4. Literature Analysis Template

5. New Learnings Report Template

6. Substantiation Checklist

7. Technology Investigation Report Template

8. Evidence Register Template

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R&D Tax Incentive claims require good record keeping and our Templates will give you the guidance and information needed to record your projects and add up your eligible Notional R&D Deductions.
Our templates have received excellent feedback from AusIndustry during reviews and are constantly being reviewed to ensure they meet the highest standard for all users.

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White Label R&D Eligibility Wizard for Accountants

Would you like to attract new clients to your firm via your website? Are your clients or potential clients eligible for the 45% cash rebate in the new R&D Tax Incentive? To find out quickly and easily, they can use our award-winning White Label R&D Eligibility Wizard. Branded with your logo and located on your website, after they click on the weblink, they will use the tool  and then be directed to a web location of your choice to follow up with you.

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The R&D Eligibility Wizard is fully online, accessible 24/7 from any computer. It is completely secure and up to date with all the latest legislative information. Companies can use it to check the eligibility of entity structures and projects for Australia’s R&D Tax Incentive.
The price shown here is for a 12 month license and includes setup and branding costs as well as a secure weblink for you to review usage results on a real-time basis. Upon purchase you will receive our license form to complete and upon return to us, we will email you the html code for your web developer to add to your website. We are more than happy to answer any queries, so please contact us at [email protected]

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R&D Eligibility Wizard – R&D Tax Incentive

Is your business or project eligible for Australia’s R&D Tax Incentive? This powerful self assessment tool will take you through the essential criteria to help determine if you should be making a claim.

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This webtool is completely FREE and only takes a few minutes to use. It is completely up to date with the latest legislative information and includes instructions on how to make a claim once complete.

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R&D Templates for Accountants

R&D SmartTax is proud to offer Australia’s most comprehensive and up to date R&D template package for the R&D Tax Incentive program.

Australian accountants and tax advisers can download professional templates for the preparation of R&D Tax Incentive Claims. These templates include full checklists and workpapers to collate and prepare R&D Tax Incentive claims. Included is also the valuable advisory template of the R&D Procedure Manual to help you and your clients to structure, plan and commercialise R&D projects.

The R&D Template Package for Accountants includes:

  • Accountant R&D Tax Incentive Claim Checklist
  • Substantiation Checklist
  • Evidence Register
  • R&D Procedure Manual
  • R&D Project Assessment Template
  • R&D Activity Checklist
  • R&D Literature and Competitor Analysis Templates
  • R&D Calculations Workpapers including Benefit Calculator and Labels for the Company Tax Return
  • Experiment and Technology Investigation Report Templates
  • New Learnings Report Template
  • On Own Behalf Checklist and Workpapers

The R&D Templates can be purchased as stand alone items or in conjunction with Training and the White Label R&D Eligibility for a complete R&D Capability Service. Please enquire about the R&D Capability Service at [email protected]


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